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Our Mission Campaigns

Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.

Donations Provide:

Christian and Moral Education (K-12)

School Shoes and uniformsMedicine and vitaminsHospital supplies such as hand sanitizerNourishment for families that are food insecure  

All donations are personally delivered to their site locations to ensure their delivery.

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La Mission de Jesus School Campaign

Location: Huancayo, Peru

15 years ago, Maria Anaya sold crafts locally to help build a school in Peru. Receiving a catholic education was not an option for most people in Huancayo, and after years of hard work the school was opened. 65% of people living in Huancayo are unemployed, and child
labor is also very high in the area. Local priests saw this need and took the opportunity to shape young minds in a moral environment and provide a Catholic foundation. The school that was built provides a kindergarten through
12th grade education and provides students with classes in Math, communication, English, Dance, and more. Students are still required to
pay tuition as well as pay for there uniforms, which is not affordable for many families in the area. Money provided through this organization is used to provide shoes, uniforms, and school supplies for students so that they can continue to receive this faith based education

Hospital Bloom Mission Campaign

San Salvador, El Salvador

Maria Anaya worked at a nurse at this hospital in the 1970s and has maintained connections with the medical teams and departments. This has allowed our team to best anticipate the needs of the hospital from an insiders perspective. Among the hospital's largest needs include medical supplies and hand sanitizer by the gallons.

The Benjamin Bloom Hospital, San Salvador, El Salvador provides care to people in all stages of life, no matter their financial situation. They treat every person who comes through their door with human dignity and respect. With a growing issue of pollution in the area many residents, including children, are afflicted with various diseases and ailments.

Our team focuses on the Children's renal unit of the hospital. This is the only public Children's hospital for the entire country of El Salvador. Many children are on a lifetime of dialysis treatments which affect their bone density. For this reason, Calcium vitamins are donated to the families in need. Our aid assists approximately 400 families.

Maria’s Mission Los Niños provides Benjamin Bloom Hospital with medicine, vitamins, hospital

supplies, as well as nourishment for food insecure patients and their families.

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